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Columbia, MD's Bosch Automotive Repair Shop


What makes British American Auto Care a Bosch automotive service shop and more importantly, why should you it matter to you?

bosch service shop in Columbia MDFor those of you not familiar with Bosch, they are the largest original equipment parts manufacturer in the world.  In order to become a certified Bosch automotive repair facility a shop has to have the appropriate tools to service and repair most makes of vehicle. They also have to have at least one Bosch certified technician on staff.  In order for an auto technician to earn a Bosch certification, he/she has to participate in several weeks of off-site training classes.  And, before they can even participate in the training classes, they first have to pass an online exam. This exam determines what level the auto technician enters the program.

Bleu Braswell, our lead technician and shop foreman, took the Bosch exam a number of years ago and was able to enter at level two. He then went away for classes in Chicago and Florida. After completing the classes he received his certification. To maintain the Bosch certification technicians have to return for refresher classes every few years. Bleu has recently completed this, and will attend even more classes later in the year.

Bosch gives us support on many levels and keeps us up to date so we can service and repair your vehicle efficiently. It's just another way that we can ensure you are receiving the highest quality of service available for your vehicle.  You can check out the Bosch website at 

Interested in Green Car Care - Try an Eco-Friendly Auto Club


Our options for making environmentally friendly choices in our everyday life just keep growing and growing.  Recently I joined the Better World Automobile Club because I had seen some of the negative things that AAA has supported over the years.  I wanted to support an auto club that cares about the environment.

America's first eco-friendly auto clubAs part of British American Auto Care's outreach to the community I promoted this club at the Howard County Greenfest. Wow what a responce; there was so much interest. We are also offering a gift certificate for our customers who join the Better World Auto Club. The club is also discounting their membership fee for the first year. So it costs very little to try out this enviromently friendly club.

Take a look at this club at and compare it to your current provider. In addition to the standard services like 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, towing, lockout and flat tire assistance, they even offer roadside assistance for bicycles!

I got to know about this club from a friend, he said Brian you care about the enviroment how come you don't promote and use the Better World club. Well it took a while for the message to sink in but when it did I wished I had acted earlier.  

Nitrogen in Car Tires -- Does it Really Make a Difference?


Our comfortable waiting room has become a place for some rather involved conversations. A recent topic was tires -- how often car owners should check the tire pressure and what pressure the tires should be inflated to.

using nitrogen in auto tiresThese conversations tend to draw people in, and before long four of us were talking about all aspects of tires. I could see as I was talking to one customer, another one wanted to get in on the conversation. In the end we finished, and the other customer got her chance to tell us her story.  Apparently, a tire retailer had gotten her elderly mother tied up in knots about using nitrogen to inflate automobile tires instead of air. This poor lady was made paranoid about the nitrogen that she had in her tires and how she should only use nitrogen. So... the daughter wanted to know whether it would really make a difference if she used nitrogen in her tires. Before I could even answer, another customer butted in and said “If you have air in your tires you must have at least 75% nitrogen in them!” Very true. If we remember what we learned in science class, dry air is roughly made up of nitrogen (78.09%), oxygen (20.95%), argon (0.93%) a bit of carbon dioxide (0.039%) and other gases.  

So what is all this about nitrogen in tires??? Well I think it is a waste of effort and time. I do not see the problem it is solving. Please don’t waste you money or time putting nitrogen in you tires. Still not convinced check out this blog, this guy touches base on all the issues.

One final thing about the topic that started the whole conversation -- the proper tire pressure for the front and rear tires of your car can be found on the door jam.  Just open the driver's side door and look for a label.  If you can't find it there, just check your hand book for the location. Please do not take any notice of the pressure that is on the tire.  Keeping your tires at the proper air pressure will do a lot more for your car's performance than inflating the tires with nitrogen!


photo courtesy of shrk

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